Weekend Recap: Beer, ja! / by laurel

And here yet another bone-tinglingly exciting weekend comes to a close. I could just make sweet OUT OF WEDLOCK love to 3-day weekends, that's how profound my devotion is. I know. It's shocking, and yet...

Oh, yeah. My parents DO read this blog. Er. Mom, Dad, I would ONLY make sweet love to 3-day weekends if we were bound by holy matrimony. So there's that. 

On Friday I experienced something new (shock!), something shocking (double shock!), something...rather inexplicable. Can I hear a "Guten tag!" for Oktoberfest, anyone? Nein? Well, if you've never had the pleasure of attending a real, authentic Oktoberfest as diffused through the lens of Orange County bros and middle-aged revelry, then allow me to set the scene: Imagine a giant tent, bursting at the gills with drunk frat guys, girls in corsets and knee socks, aging cougars nursing 32-oz hefeweizens and bewilderingly flirty older men. Now add to the madness plates of funnel cake and sausages, German polka, and The Chicken Dance. Still tracking with me? Good. Now imagine a 'comedian' whose climactic act was to blow a gigantic flesh-colored balloon and proceed to somehow step inside this bloated latex suit, thus covered toe-to-chin, and lip-sync a remix of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "I Like Big Butts" and MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." Still with me? Now sprinkle in a beer-drinking contest wherein the female contestants sat on men's laps and drank the beer OUT OF A BABY BOTTLE. Oh, I haven't lost you yet, have I? Because I haven't even gotten to the Fake-German Elvis singing The King's greatest hits as backed by a polka band. 

That's about the time we took off. 

Needless to say, if you can handle the utter assault on your every sense, then I'd highly encourage you to experience das Oktoberfest (because the funnel cake was awesome). 

Sadly, this guy didn't win. But he sure took himself seriously. 

And if the whole Oktoberfest madness weren't enough, on Saturday night Jody and I went up to Hollywood to catch Girl Talk at the Fonda. This is the third time I've had the infinite pleasure of cutting a rug to Gregg G's Dance Beatz, but it was Jody's first experience. I told her, "The crowd will inevitably suck. But the music will be AWESOME." And I was oh, so very right. Here are a couple of photos that, I think, accurately depict the sweaty, epic display:

On Sunday I went down to 4th St. in search of brownish men's oxfords, a la Kelly Wearstler in this month's issue of Domino

Aren't those just fabulous? Luckily, La Bomba came through for me and I nabbed a pair for $30. And speaking of Kelly Wearstler, I was going to do a post on her whacky-lady (and completely AMAZING) style, but I couldn't really find very many pictures of her online. Internet, you have failed this one. 

So here are a couple shots from her profile in Vogue last year:

I tell you, the woman is fantastic.

...And that concludes this week's Weekend Recap. As you were.