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New 2012 logo revealed
Lord Coe unveils the logo for the 2012 Olympics in London claiming it is "ambitious, interactive and youth-friendly".

Organising committee chairman Lord Coe said: "It meets the biggest challenge we have over the next five years, which is reaching out to young people."

For the first time, the logo will be used for the Olympics and Paralympics.

Coe added: "It is interactive and absolutely at the heart of what we need to do - engaging the attention of young people through new media and the virtual world they can get transported into.

"It will be imperative that it is flexible. I think it is way beyond any simple logo."

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Laurel: Well at least we know the 80's will be back again in 2012.

Andy: And I think that's just a win for everyone. 

Laurel: solid (neon) gold, man.