Weekend Recap: Brooklyn Bustup / by laurel

This is what two days of no sleep looks like. Drink it in, fellas. 

I know it's Thursday. I know that technically, Thursday is more part of the extended weekend on the front end than it is on the back-end. So I know that by recapping last weekend on a Thursday after the fact, I'm doing a grave disservice to whomever reads this and finds themselves to be particularly anal about the weekend recaps being on a Monday. Whomever that may be. 

And what a mouthful that paragraph was. My eyes hurt just looking at it. Ergo, let's move on!

On Friday evening after work (well, after our supposed Halloween party rattled through the halls while I alone was working), I took a red-eye out to NYC. Despite taking a sleeping pill on the plane in an effort to count sheep cross country, I landed at 6 a.m. a little worse for the wear, boasting barely a half-hour of decent napping. Ah well, c'est la vie! I crashed for an hour at Bonnie's place in Park Slope before we loaded our equipment into a cab and hauled over to Williamsburg for the shoot.

By now you've seen the results of said shoot, so I won't elaborate further except that it was 15 hours long. (15 hours of FUN, mind you, but still hard work on very little sleep, which brings me to my next point:) By the time Bon and I made it back to her place, I was zonked. And what's better when you're delirious with sleeplessness than cookies and milk? Nothing, that's what. Not even sleep itself.

On Sunday, Erik (my favorite foreigner, who happened to be in NY by way of London, by way of the CZ), Bonnie and I spent the day exploring her 'hood in Park Slope. I'd sum that up thusly: Brunch! Walk walk walk! Prospect Park! Leaves! Trees! Colors! OH! DUCKS I LOVE DUCKS! DUCKS! Walk walk walk! French cafe! Crappy tea latte! Pizza, Planet Earth, nap, cab, airplane, home. Bed. 

In all, a great, albeit whirlwind, weekend. Can't wait to see what's in store this weekend. 

The boat house in Prospect Park

Mysterious and magical tree tent! 

Are those ducks I see?

Why, here's one now!

On Bonnie's front stoop

He's foreign!