You Win This Round, Nature: A Las Vegas Story, Part I / by LD

First things first. If it sounds like I'm in a chipper mood (and it should hear the sun shining a little brighter and birds chirping harmoniously at this very moment), it's because I'm basking in the warm, loving glow of a 4-day weekend abutted against yet another 4-day weekend and even my molecules are rejoicing at this wondrous occasion. If you don't, in fact, hear Angels singing in 4-part Barbershop harmony ("Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to goooo [bah-bah-nah-nah-NAH!]"), then there might be something wrong with your cold, cold heart. I will pray for you.


Excuse me, I nearly choked on my own smugness. Where was I? 

Oh yes. Making the most out of life. That's right. On Friday night, I (and the rest of the former AA crew) celebrated Heather's departure from AA at our favorite Silver Lake bar, Good Luck. It's sort of tradition now whenever anyone leaves my former place of employment to celebrate there, so I wouldn't have missed this occasion for the world! Times were predictably fun, and I found myself cruising home after Last Call, dreading the fact that I had only given myself a paltry 2 hours to sleep before our targeted departure time for Las Vegas in the morning. 

Celebrating with Cinn and Kevin

But who cares! VEGAS, WOOOOO! YEAH! WOOO!

Ahem. We got on the road and after a little snaffoo with the GPS system (more on that in another far more bitter post, I assure you. I'm sharpening my claws as we speak), we were on our way. Jess's cousin Anne is an ornithologist who lives out there and graciously opened her home to us. I should also mention that Anne has TWO dogs. And...wait for it...they are both labs. One chocolate and one yellow. Oh, what's that? That's just the sound of my heart exploding into a billion little pieces. And then my head erupts in a massive volcano of love, and I'm like, "What? You mean to tell me that not everyone goes atomic at the sight of labrador retrievers? Oh me, oh my. The world is such a dark, cruel place..." 

It's a mess but oh, so worth it. 

Before we got all gussied up in our best Windsor and Bebe stuffs - I'M GONNA GET SOOO WASTED with you girls, you girls are my BESTIES. You know what? SCREW MEN! WHO NEEDS THEM! All I need is my best girl friendz and maybe one of those huuuuge mojitos and then LOOK OUT WORLD! Here I COME! yeah! VEGAS! WOOOOOO! - we decided to see the other side of Las Vegas, the side not permanently plugged in and glowing with artificial light.

Anne took us to Red Rocks National Park, and we explored the desertscape in the failing late afternoon light.