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Some kids have all the luck. 

I celebrated my 13th birthday with a few friends, probably a sleepover, and tattered sheets of paper bearing "M.A.S.H." inscriptions. Spencer Tweedy celebrated his coming of age by playing drums at Madison Square Garden with Neil Young. Fifteen thousand people sang happy birthday to the kid. 

Happy birthday, indeed. If the last name sounds familiar, it's because Tweedy is the spawn of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, who happens to be one of the greatest musicians living and working today. It's no coincidence a band like Wilco would open for a legend like Neil Young, right? Well, this Spencer fella has a blog, aptly called Spencer Tweedy's Blog, wherein he imparts wisdom ("You cannot embrace the interweb until you've woken up, said hello to the world, jump-started your brain with at least a whiff of fresh air."), shares anecdotes (and political views), and updates total strangers like me on the goings on of a adolescent kid whose dad just happens to be a rock n' roll genius. 

But far be it from me to be star-struck. Tweedy's blog is intelligent and funny, and I don't know how he does it, but the kid's got excellent grammar. He even adapts school assignments for his blog, ruminating on subjects ranging from Stalin to the Constitution to, yes, beer. 

It's an entertaining read, to be sure, so if you like wit and wisdom imparted in equal measure by a source half your age, then head on over to Spencer Tweedy's blog