It wasn't easy / but nothing i-iis / by LD

I'm pretty sure I had senior Economics here. That, or Algebra II. 
(...Which I failed miserably, if you were wondering.)

Here's a question for those of you who returned to the place of your formative years for the Holidays: Is it just me, or are the radio stations forever stuck playing the same thing they played when we were in high school?

Driving back from meeting Em at Boone's today I heard Cake, then Blue-era Weezer followed by Sneaker Pimps (yeah? Remember them?) and Blur. As in, WOO-HOO!-Blur. And while I traversed the brown back roads that fan out off the main street (River Road) like veins, driving the same white pickup I drove in high school, listening to Rivers Cuomo liken himself to Buddy Holly, I wondered if it was just me at the moment; or if high schoolers in Keizer are having the exact same experience I did from '97 - '01. 

Because if the music is any indication, they are. 

In which case, I'd command them to rock on completely with some brand new components.