Jason deCaires Taylor - Underwater Sculptures / by LD


Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor creates haunting, enigmatic underwater scenes with his work, often depicting the mundaneness of life on dry land transported into a alchemic new environment. Instead of the entropic process typically associated with the ocean's corrosive tendencies, deCaires Taylor's pieces encourage organisms to grow and affect the surfaces of his creations. The work is visible in shallower areas by snorkel, scuba, or glass-bottom boat. What's so fascinating about each piece is its unique relationship to its natural surroundings - and how, as with photography especially, documentation of the work shifts in mood dramatically due to its external influences: Time of day, where the sunlight falls, the currents and tides and ecosystem surrounding it. 

Don't Panic magazine has an excellent interview with deCaires Taylor, including discussion of his processes and what he's working on next. 

Check out his website to see more of his sculptures. 

"Fall from Grace"

"The Last Correspondent"