Locals Only - Jody Dailey and Crew / by LD

As you may or may not know, my sister Jody is an up-and-coming designer (she graduates FIDM this month. Double shot exclamation point). To cut straight to the point: She kicks a lot of ass. Her pieces exude a playful sense of femininity and unexpected novelty. Ruffles sashay across skirts, zipper pulls are embellished with charms, and her 60's modern influences are felt subtly in her color palette and silhouettes. I may or may not be biased (I'm not), but she is certainly one of Los Angeles' brightest young designers, and I am thrilled to see where her talent takes her in the coming years. 

As a graduation present, I shot an editorial for her, styling her pieces with other local designers (Quail, Matte Black, Band of Outsiders, Jonathan Holden). The results are a youthful, free-spirited take on business casual, with a distinctly West Coast flair. 

Many thanks to everyone who helped out, and especially to Jody, for making such amazing threads. Click on the pictures to see bigger versions.