Merry Christmas: I'm not engaged, but it sure looks like it. / by LD

An image from Alex+Chloe's 2008 lookbook

One of my Christmas presents from my parents was an Alex+Chloe inverted diamond ring, a piece of jewelry I've been admiring for a long time for a few reasons. My birthday is in April, so my birthstone is a diamond. As such, I've never had any jewelry containing my birthstone for obvious reasons. It's pricey, it's extravagant, and most of all, it looks like I've hopped on the Get-Hitched Train southbound for Marriageville. Not that such a train would be headed to a terrible destination, but I'm only 25 and I'd much rather spend my time scheming on how I might convince Andrew Bird to marry me than actually, you know, getting married. 

C'est la vie. But when I saw Alex+Choe's inventive rendition of the typical diamond ring, I knew it was a piece that was absolutely "me." The champagne diamond is actually mounted upside down - pointy side up, a subversive decision that is at turns novel and a bit dangerous (it's really, really sharp). In person, it's delicate and small, but upon closer look, you can see the razor sharp apex of the diamond in its setting. 

Because I'm left-handed, I've always gravitated toward wearing jewelry (be it a ring, a watch, or a bracelet) on that hand. I already have a Hawaiian rose gold band given to me by my parents when I graduated college, and it's on the ring finger of my left hand (that's the only finger it fits on), and now it's joined by my new piece of bling. So...basically it looks like I've gotten myself the ol' ball and chain. But I've decided that I'm not too concerned about this, because on closer inspection it's still very clear I'm a free bird. 

Unless, of course, Andrew Bird has a mind to change all that.