Quotables / by LD

"[Style.com]: I read somewhere that you funded your first collection by selling Kate’s vinyl collection to Amoeba Records. Are there any records you regret giving up?
KM: Oh, man. I can’t even talk about this.
LM: I had to sell the records. Boxes and boxes, I made so many trips out of that Amoeba basement in Hollywood. And the guy there seriously could not believe that the collection belonged to a girl.
KM: Which is really infuriating.
LM: Like in college, the way guys would be weirded out if you had a lot of different kinds of books, as though having varied taste is a gender-specific thing.
KM: I’m getting mad about this all over again."
- Style.com interview with Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy. As if you couldn't love them ANY more...