Weekend Recap: Silver belllls / by LD

...And so ends another lovely Long Beach weekend. 

On Sunday evening, a few of the LB family as well as our nearest and dearest from other parts of the Southland gathered to officially celebrate Christmas. Even though our schedules are slammed with work Holiday parties (well, not my schedule, but that's beside the point) and other Christmas festivities, we wanted to be together as a family and celebrate the season. 

What better way to celebrate the Yuletide than with Chinese food, buck shots, and pretty lights? Heaping plates of chow mien and a couple of spiked Peet's drinks later, we went over to Naples to walk along the canals and marvel at the holiday brouhaha. Much like the Venice canals in Venice Beach (which, of course, take their cue from some other famous waterways somewhere across the ocean), Long Beach's Naples is a sleepy community of multi-million dollar cottages wedged along narrow canals. The canals are bisected by bridges, and at Christmastime the residents pull out all the stops (and undoubtedly triple their electric bill for the month) by trying to out-Griswold each other with lights, trees, Santas, reindeer, and the like. The effect, of course, is magical, and it's one of the reasons I so adore living in Long Beach. 

The Naples fountain

If you look closely, you will note that this house boasted two Santas - as in, 
Mr. and Mr. Claus. This is Long Beach, after all. 

One of my favorite fixtures. It was one of the only decorations on an otherwise gorgeously modern house, and I found its understated classiness to be quite lovely.