2009 - A Word With You, If I May? / by LD

I hinted at this in a recent post (and by "hinted," I mean that I hijacked the subject matter of my own post to enumerate the various reasons why I fear the year oh-nine), but I'm just not all that jazzed about the coming year. 

I'm not entirely certain why there's so much trepidation about the whole thing, but for some reason, I just feel uneasy. True, it could be a general apprehension due to several global factors, including but not limited to: The Gaza Strip, the economic crisis, the Middle East (you know, on the whole. I don't discriminate), the change of presidential power (I know most are beside themselves with giddy excitement, and I get that, but anytime there's a seismic change - even if it's for the "better" - there's bound to be some backlash), and did I mention the economy? Yes? Well, let me mention it again. The economy. Thrice, if you haven't caught my drift just yet: THE. ECONOMY.

And that's simply on a global level. I haven't even touched on the myriad of personal reasons why 2009 doesn't exactly seem to be the shiny bastion of hope and change that a new year usually is. I'll come right out with it: 2008 was a hard year. 2008 was a spectacular year as well, for too many reasons to list here, however it certainly couldn't be characterized as being predominantly easy. And that's okay, because hardly anything's easy but that's precisely why 2009 is such an enigma. It didn't seem to me like 2008 wrapped up cleanly, paving way for fresh starts and new beginnings and all that smarmily saccharine rhetoric that makes my teeth hurt. If anything, 2008 left a skid mark all over 2009 as it careened messily from point A to point What The Hell Just Happened? 

Aside from the obvious and maligned sense of malice I feel toward the coming year, what I really want is for 2008 to repair itself. I want a mulligan, if you will. A redo. I want Iceland to reclaim their non-bankrupt state (the same goes for WaMu, Mother's Cookies, and every other financial, commercial, or education institute that tanked this year due to The Big Money Crisis). I want my friends to get their jobs back. I want the mudslinging brouhaha of the Election to regain civility again. I want hipsters and behind-the-curvesters to reject enormous non-prescription grandma spectacles and pouffy lip curtains once and for all. I want all the broken friendships and relationships that found their cracks growing into irreparable fissures last year to reconcile. I want California's fault lines to fuse once and for all so I don't have to worry so much about earthquakes. I really want to relive the joy of hearing Microcastle, Furr, and Fleet Foxes for the first time. I wanted to write a funnier post about how much I fear the future. 

But for better or worse, it's here: 2009. We don't get to relive and improve upon 2008, as much as I'd like to. And I guess I just don't know how I feel about that yet.