Andrew Bird's "Noble Beast" and "Useless Creatures" preview / by LD

Cameron Wittig

I've spoken quite openly in the past about my undying love for a certain Andrew Bird. So, you know, step off, ladies. In Super Internet Land, he's all mine. (This speaks nothing for Totally Un-Super Real World Land, which is decidedly less exciting, and wherein I am most certainly more single). The point where the Super and the Un-Super meet is that Bird has been working on two new albums, Noble Beast and Useless Creatures, both of which will soon exist in Real World Land on January 20th. And both are available in Super Internet Land for your streaming pleasure if you, like me, want to start the new year off on a good foot.

(Because, sidenote: Really, are we excited about 2009? I'm undecided at this point, and my hopefulness barometer is sensing storms ahead, or at least earthquakes and bombs and unemployment. Call me pessimistic [don't, actually, because that would annoy me], but I feel like we as a people barely made it through 2008 with our wits intact, so call me crazy [but again, don't, because again, annoying], but I don't look at 2009 with googly-eyed blind optimism because SRSLY, friends, we've got an uphill climb ahead of us. And I've never been a huge fan of overly strenuous exercise like climbing Mount Economic Everest or kick boxing to the sound of bombs falling SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, DOESN'T MATTER WHERE. Okay, end sidenote.)

We'll pretend that parenthetical aside never happened for the sake of moving right along. Ergo, you can click right over to NPR to stream Noble Beast in its entirety. And when you're done fantasizing about A.Bird and his magical whistling listening, then head over to Andrew Bird's website to check out Useless Creatures

And don't say I never gave you anything. Unless of course by "anything" you mean a migraine, in which case I refer back to my previous parenthetical aside and can only nod and say, "Affirmative."

He's thinking about me, too. I just KNOW it.