Human Again: Musical Discourse with Byron and Laurel / by LD

B: Close ur eyes, clear ur heart....cut the chord. Are we human or are we dancer?

L: I have no idea what song you're singing right now.

B: The Killers, Human. It's the jam that i hate liking, because The Killers have me pegged and i hate that, I dont like being pegged, as you know.

L: HAHAHA, right.

B: [posts youtube link of video] I like that on that page, related videos is Katy Perry - Hot n Cold. Find it funny. 

L: Well they are in the same group. You like them: You like her. PEGGED. The lyrics to this song are BEYOND ridiculous. It's not even good grammar. Only Lil Wayne is allowed to speak like that. 

B: Yes they are. Well they couldnt use DANCERS because it was copywritten, so they stuck with dancer.

L: Are we human or are we dancer? It's like asking, Are we human or are we Dancer, proper noun, reindeer of Santa & Crew?

B: It's off of a Hunter S. Thompson quote, about how the US has created a bunch of dancers, following steps, scared of breaking out hence the line about "I see an open door and I'm scared."

L: hahaha whatever man. Brandon Flowers tried to be deep. FAILBLOG.

B: But back to Katy much deeper than Flowers. 

L: If Katy Perry hooked up with Brandon Flowers she could at least make the claim "I kissed a girl and I liked it," and mean it.

B: HAHAHA, I don't know. There's something about her as a person who used to do churchy music and now is some pop personality that I really like. It's not even about her music, really. 

L: Right, it's about the fact that she's a solipsistic fame whore willing to pursue any genre so long as it serves her purpose of hot trottiing herself on the red carpet and trumpeting her superior sense of "style," if we could call it that, which, clearly, we can't.