Human Again: Musical Discourse with Byron and Laurel, part II: More Flowers, Less Katy Perry / by LD

B [previously discussing his phlegmy sickness and his inevitable "Crap, I'm Getting Older" realization]: You know what that means. Time to ask myself yet again today, are we human or are we dancer?

L: Are we grammatical animals or are we freeform beatnik hippie idiots? I ask myself that EVERY. DAY.

B: Apparently you don't believe in Flower power, then. 

L: Apparently I don't. But Byron, you've got you ask yourself, What Would Stevie Nicks Say? I'm pretty sure she'd snub that Brandon Flowers character and go for an invigorating romp through a mountainous meadow wearing copious amounts of lace. I'm pretty sure the answer for her isn't human or dancer.