Q is for Quail / by LD

Quail Spring 2009 racerback tank

My friend Michelle is the designer behind Quail - a line of clothing so unabashedly feminine you can't help but imagine all the places you'd like to cavort and twirl and frolic upon donning one of her dresses. I've supplemented my wardrobe with Quail pieces since the very beginning and I can confidently say that these garments were made for flirting. In fact, when I wear a Quail dress, I'm usually not surprised to find a line of men trailing behind me when I get home. And while I'd like credit my winsome looks or sparkling personality for this phenomenon, it's rarely the coquettish way I toss my hair that brings all the boys to the yard (or, for that matter, any milkshakes). It is, in fact, the Quail Effect. 

Because folks, without The Quail Effect, I'm merely a girl with ratty hair who wanted to wink but ended up wimping out instead - which is fine, if Confused Street Urchin is the look you're going for, but, you know...it's usually not. 

Quail Holiday 2007 dress

Quail Fall 2008 jacket

See? Who wouldn't want to follow that home in hopes of scoring a date, or at the very least, a little smile? That's what I'm saying. Because without Quail, you'd get this:

...And I'm pretty sure the only thing following that home are feral cats. 

Want to get in on The Quail Effect? Head on over to Q is for Quail and check out the spring 2009 lookbook. You'll be frolicking in a field of daisies in no time.