Thoughts On Cherry Pie and Doughnuts / by LD

What is going ON inside this HOUSE, leland? 

My crew and I have been watching Twin Peaks on DVD for the first time, and while I could wax nostalgic (or wax conspiracy theory) for days on end, I won't. Because I'm nearly certain there's nothing I could say about this magical series that someone has already said before, ten  years ago, ten times over.

Ergo, my point in writing this post is to comment on the effect the series has had on my and my friends' collective cravings: I have never craved pie or doughnuts like I do when I'm watching this show. It even almost makes me want to take up a coffee habit. Almost. 

On Friday, I was in charge of dessert for a potluck/dinner get together at J's house, and what did I bring? Well, a delicious cherry pie, of course. And yesterday while in the throes of disc two, episodes 5, 6, and 7, Jody was gracious enough to run to the store and pick up a few doughnuts as the rest of us salivated from our spots in the living room. And let me tell you, friends: Nevermore has a doughnut tasted sweeter or better than when I was enjoying it along with special agent Cooper.