Weekend Recap: Oh, James. Oh, Donna. Oh, JAMES. OH! DONNA! / by LD

And so draws to a close another glorious three-day weekend with the kind of weather that causes grown men to weep with joy. I always seem to forget that January usually holds the kind of incredible weather that makes it hard to see myself living anywhere else, and yet every year it comes as a pleasant, 80-degree surprise. 

I made a video for our friend Josh, who is a travelin' man finding himself in such far-flung locales as Alaska, South America, and now England - all within the past 6 months. Long Beach misses our weary traveler, so I sent him a moving postcard from home.

Enjoy! And just know, if you live in the area, there's always an open door policy at my house. You can find us most weekends doing exactly what we're doing in this video.