Bobby Birdman for Band of Outsiders / by LD

Oh, now they've done it. 

Scott Sternberg & Co. over at Band of Outsiders have always hit a home run with their particular brand of mens(-and womens-)wear. Their washed-out polaroid aesthetic fits the spirit of the brand, and my sister really enjoys interning with them. 

To be brief, and to drag another baseball cliché reluctantly from the vaults, now they've gone and batted a thousand with their inclusion of singer/songwriter/computer maestro Bobby Birdman in their Fall '08 campaign. I saw Birdman perform at F Yeah Fest a couple of years ago, and he absolutely killed it. It was one of the best things I saw in 2007, a year that also included The Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem, so you know that's saying a lot. 

Keep up the good work, fellas.