Knighthood / by LD


I know.

Not much blogging this week. Hush, you. I know. But my Mac is still kaput so the progress is slow. I still have a Weekend Recap coming (including but not limited to: Macaróns! Disneyland! The United States of Tara! Funny Games! Heart-stopping chills of the weather-related variety!), but until I'm able to recover files from my idiot Sad Mac, you'll have to settle for some ruminations of a highly scattered variety:

  • If you haven't downloaded the fourth issue of The Printed Blog yet, go do it. 
  • I have this disclaimer on my Facebook page: "No offense, but I'm not going to join your cause, accept your wizardry invitation, add your application, throw back your snowball, knight your elf, or compare movies. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here." And STILL the invitations persist. So perhaps in a more public alternate platform I'll say again: NOT. GOING. TO HAPPEN. So stop asking. No, really. I will un-friend you. Brutal, yes, but necessary sometimes. 
  • Does Andrew Bird really need a backing band? Aside from Dosh's contributions, which are vast and varied and much appreciated, I just can't see how having other instrumentalists up there does anything to augment his performance. Your thoughts?
  • Buy Dark Was The Night. 
'Tis all, loves. I'll resume normal blogging soon, I promise.