Lamenting The Prognosis / by LD

My friend Ryan is a Mac guy, too. He feels my pain. 

LD: It's frustrating because they don't explain anything to you along the way. I get that I'm the idiot and he's the expert but I'd really appreciate knowing WHY I'm doing what I'm doing, or what the diagnosis might be along the way, you know?

RG: haha they just don't have a threshold for people that understand if you explain it. Most people just want it fixed, so they cater to that person.

LD: Yeah, so true. And I GET that, but I'm also like, okay, dude? this is my MAC, here. it's the most personal thing I own. you could be more colloquial or at least by contrast, technical. I can take it. I mean you could be more vague if you were talking about my health, sure, but this is my MAC!

It's like he's asking me to reset my brain, and I'm like, wait a minute, what about the MEMORIES?!

RG: That's the worst feeling ever. Resigning yourself to start over. Every time it's happened to me, I can't even get on my computer once it's fixed. I just have to take a moment to cleanse myself of technology. It's like a mourning process.