The Printed Blog - Issue 3 / by LD

Good day, my little lambs. It's Tuesday, which means two very important things. 

The first is that here in Quiksilver, Tuesdays serve as a harbinger for the crazed mob that descends on our in-office café around noon. Saliva dripping from their fangs, they request one thing, and one thing only: Chicken tortilla soup. 

Echo Beach Café (as it is so aptly titled) is known for its soup, in fact. Thursdays typically offer albondigas soup (incidentally also my second favorite), there's usually a chicken and rice option in there on tuesdays or wednesdays, and the lentil is delightful. But tuesdays are always for chicken tortilla soup. The one and only time this didn't happen (and the unhappy substitute was, I think, some indignant cream-based drivel), a giant black hole opened up in space and swallowed 34% of our known universe. That's why you can't see stars in the sky at night here in L.A. 

The Black Hole ate them. Out of hunger-induced outrage 

The point is, Tuesdays are VIP, Very Im Portant, and there is not one thing - not hell, high water, or a depraved mob of Roxy marketing chicks - that will stand between me and my soup. 

Tuesday is important, secondly, because it is the day that The Printed Blog releases its next issue. Which, if you're keeping track (and I trust you are, smarty pants), means that today TPB's third issue, the Valentine's Issue, is now available in San Francisco, Chicago, and (debuting in) New York. This issue features the photo editor skills of yours truly, so by all means, leave your side of our Internet Bed cold while you hightail it over to The Printed Blog to download Issue 3. I'll keep a warm spot to welcome your return, lover. 

All said and done, I'm beginning to think Tuesdays are the new Fridays.