Suffering Under the Ruthless Tyranny of the Sad Mac / by LD

Hey all. Whoosh, back from the long weekend, and boy, are my arms tired. Yuk, yuk, yuk. 

No, but seriously. I have stories and pictures galore from the 4-day extravaganza, but I woke up yesterday morning to a Sad Mac (or rather, evil, sniveling, vindictive Mac), so until I get that issue sorted out (and by "sorted out" I mean, until either Mac decides to shape up or I plant a 4-inch heel in his sad sack monitor face. Whichever comes first), you'll have to imagine what kinds of adventures I found myself in over the weekend. (Which may have included a bloody-knuckles discussion about Grey's Anatomy and Twin Peaks, an altercation I promised I wouldn't blog about, so I won't - I promise, in fact, look at me NOT blogging about it right now. Mum's the word.)

In the meantime, our Color Manager brought in a puppy today and he is currently cute-ing all over the studio and this is the third time today my head has exploded from The Cuteness. 

Expect regular correspondence to resume post haste.