Weekend Recap: A Few From Two Weekends Ago / by LD

In the flurry of my poor, poor Mac pitching a hideously ill-timed snit fit, I've lost nearly all momentum in blogging about my last four-day weekend. But I'll try to muster the strength to say a few words, however, and share a few pictures.

On Friday, the weather was dreary (as it is wont to be in the wintertime, even here in LA - try not to die of shock, The Rest Of America, okay?) but Ashley and I were determined not to let that bother us. We bundled up properly (you'd be surprised how many times I find myself caught in the rain in vertiginous heels and a t-shirt - not exactly cold-weather-friendly) and set out to 4th St. for some vintage shopping and wine tasting. Where once there were no places selling alcohol between O'Connells and The Pike, now there are not just one but two wine bars on Retro Row. It's enviously cool have that many places within walking distance to get pleasantly buzzed, right?

I picked up a life-threatening-looking ring from Na La La on 4th and Ashley and I let a couple glasses of pinot warm our chests while the rain fell outside.

At about the time we hit the last few crumbs of our cheese plate, Tyler called begging us to come to Disneyland with he and Jess. So we did. And we bought passes. I was (and continue to be) thrilled to finally have a pass again. I used to go all the time in college and a couple of years after, so it's nice to have an excuse to go run around like a kid again.

On Saturday, Ashley, Jody and I set out to explore somewhere new in LA. Ashley suggested we visit the UCLA campus, so that's exactly what we did (well, after sampling macaróns at Paulette and meeting Graham at Urth). Here are a few shots from our photo safari:

All in all, it was an excellent weekend and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to recap. The coming weekend promises all sorts of adventures, so stay tuned. I know the blogging's been minimal this week, but never fear, my little lambs. I'll be back in the swing of things soon enough.