A Couple of Theories / by LD

Vulture has culled various theories from the interwebs about the never-before-seen glimpse of the possibly-could-be four-toed statue. Here's an image to pique your interest, and a couple of the more plausible theories.

"The Statue from behind looks very similar to Anubis from Egyptian mythology, as it appears to have Jackal-like ears and head. Anubis was also the gate-keeper of the world of the dead, and he is depicted in Egyptian mythology as having only four toes." [Lostpedia]

"Decoding the visible details demands a Doc Jensen column of its own. But briefly: Looks Egyptian. Skirt, but no shirt — so despite the long hair, I'm thinking male. Those appear to be ankhs in the hands — symbolic of life in general and eternal life, specifically. And on the head, two pointy ears (Cat? Greyhound? Pig? Spock?) and a rectangular headpiece, like a crown or Jughead's beanie. These clues could link to any number of Egyptian deities (Bast, Set, Anubis, and Horus will be popular guesses), though given how the Island's wormhole exits into a different North Africa nation — Tunisia — I'm mulling Ba'al and Moloch, too. In that spirit, I would like to cover my ass and note that...we never actually saw that famous foot, did we? Was this really Four Toed Statue — or some monolithic companion?" [EW]