Exclusive First Listen: Dan Deacon, "Bromst" / by LD

Josh Sisk

I've expounded upon my love for Dan Deacon before, but if you've just joined me, I'll say it again: This guy is the best. He makes glitchy, elliptical, weird0-pop that sounds like an Atari orgy, and though it might seem odd at first, trust me: It will seep into your pores and burrow into your blood stream if you let it (and you should). His last album, Spiderman of the Rings, is a joyful explosion of skillfully wrought electro masterpieces, and he has an frantic live show to match.

His forthcoming album, Bromst, won't be released till March 24, but NPR is offering an exclusive first listen to the album in its entirety. Deacon has fleshed out his sound a bit more, tinkering not only with toys and computers now but with actual instruments. He'll also be adding a 15-piece orchestra to his hyperactive live shows, if you think you can handle it.

Go here to hear the album.

And go here if you want to buy a ticket to see him annihilate the Troubadour on April 22. The image below gives you an embarrassing idea of what you will witness if you join me at the show. Note the look of utter white-peep dance-anguish loitering on my face.

Yep. Everybody dance now.