Hey, 2.0? You suck. / by LD

At the risk of sounding...er, hopelessly and unabashedly in the sack with my generation's particular brand of the cyber-zeitgeist, I have a bone to pick with all this change business. First Pitchfork unveiled a much-needed but nevertheless surprising entire-site overhaul. Then everyone's favorite cyber-bible Facebook rolled out the red carpet for their second major overhaul in the past few months. Of course it has naysayers (like me) kicking and screaming because - hello? - I'd just gotten used to the old layout. I had my methods of clicking, of tabbing, of where to go and when. And just when I'd gotten it all down to an art, wha-bam! The webmasters that be went and changed it all around and now it's like the power went out in my little cyber-house and I'm bumbling around, knocking my shins against furniture, cursing under my breath, trying to find a flashlight. Or some liquor.

So pass the scotch, Internet. Because I have a feeling these 'changes' are going to be a permanent mainstay in my little corner of the cyber-world.

(say 'cyber' again.)


Ok. Done now.