Surf City - Surf City EP / by LD

Today I was confronted with an inalienable truth: Sometimes, people are so gorgeous it should be a crime. Against humanity.

I found myself talking with a guy - tanned, vintage Robert Redford, cut like a stone - so good-looking it would make nuns weep. I'm talking about the kind of brutally beautiful countenance that conjures not admiration or even attraction but a criminal sense of loathing. I am at least 10% less attractive as a person because YOU STOLE IT ALL. All of the attractiveness that can be allotted to a human being has been hoarded by your stupidly brawny and perfectly symmetrical face!

What's more, he seemed like he wasn't of this time. He could have washed up in any number of surf locales three decades ago and been more at home in that Holga-colored world than in this one, yet there he was: Talking. To me. And I dislike him greatly for this, but...on the other won’t stop me from staring at him in complete awe. I mean that’s obviously quite the hyperbolic rabbit trail, but you understand where I’m going with this, right?

If my friend Mr. Stupendous had a soundtrack that jangled behind him like a trail of loose change wherever he walked, it would be Surf City's Surf City EP. The band blends the best of Kiwi surf rock with a roiling, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-esque squall. The EP hits the ground running and doesn't let up until the very last note. Definitely a Summertime jam. Think of it in the same way The Ruby Suns is to Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys. Surf City sounds a bit like its more classic surf-jam counterparts but instead of a crackling haze of sunny 70's grain, it has enough grit to ground it firmly in 2009. Sorta like my man Mr. Jawbone.

I guess this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

Recommended download: "Free the City"

Buy it from Rough Trade.