Swing Low: Jil Sander Spring '09 / by LD

Despite my proclivities toward clothing with more of an - ahem - ornately baroque bent, I've always loved the minimalist austerity at Jil Sander. The shapes are architectural and the palettes are subdued - but nothing about these pristine garments is the least bit boring. Rather, Jil Sander has always struck me as intellectualism beautifully visualized. At the helm is designer Raf Simons, whose artful touches never overpower the silhouette of his garments. Rather, for Jil Sander, the devil is in the details.

Amidst a cadre of sleek, neutral suits for Spring 2009, Simons brilliantly let it all hang loose - in the form of fringe, be it ankle-grazing or swooping from one shoulder to the other. He allowed the sinuous strands to move freely around the otherwise structured pieces, creating a lovely juxtaposition of form and movement. And though the thought of too much fringe might cause one to recoil with the horrifying thought of something like this, at Jil Sander, it's never overdone.