Unmitigated Joy! / by LD

Anyone who has ever worked in an office environment can corroborate these facts: When you work in an environment as sterile as an office (even if that office is a decidedly non-sterile photo studio, but nevertheless orders goodies from the Corporate Express catalogue), the very smallest of perks can seem like overwhelming good fortune.

I've always had a particular fascination - and particular particularity - with office supplies, especially the ones I use for my day to day 9 - 5. Pens are of special consideration, and in the past couple of years, I've really taken to the Sharpie ultra fine point. Typically these come in packs of 4 - red, blue, black, and green - and no sooner do I open a new pack do at least half of these pens disappear.

We recently filled out an office supply order and I told my coworker to get me a pack of these pens, expecting the 4-color combo. What she brought in to me today was beyond delightful.


Get ready for technicolor memos, guys.