Fauxchella 2009 / by LD

And so concludes the second annual Fauxchella Music Festival, this time hosted in a lovely enclave of El Segundo. To the mellifluous tune of planes propelling toward 30,000 feet, we gathered our wits, our instruments, and our nearest and dearest for a weekend of musical fusion, copious amounts of beer, and only one (minor-ish) injury (how's your head, Barr?). 

I've been effusive about Fauxchella in the past, and this year's installment was no exception. The name of the game is collaboration, casting a focus on the community-oriented aspect of creating music rather than crafting pitch-perfect tunes. Those who choose to attend Fauxchella (and the invitation is always open-ended) go with the intent to participate in something greater than themselves - musical fusion at its best. This year, a whole slew of other instruments joined the usual cadre of guitars for a sound that was eclectic and experimental. The whole point, I suppose, is to make joyful noise together, to eat meals together, to spend a weekend creating something new together. All of which culminated in a huge dance party wherein I'm happy to report that, unlike last year, my small but effective arsenal of dance moves contained no major mistakes or regrets. 

So to those who showed up for Fauxchella 2009, thanks for being great. It was a pleasure making music with you. 

Fauxchella1 from Laurel Dailey on Vimeo.

And here's a video of my contribution to the weekend. We call ourselves Peter & The Frampton Five.