So Relevant It Hurts / by LD

A friend of mine, Brett McCracken, writes for Relevant Magazine on occasion, and has an article in the summer issue titled "The Rise of the Ironic Class." A few weeks ago, Brett asked if he could interview me as part of his research for the article. This idea, of course, was brilliant because 1) who loves being a talking head more than me? (Answer: No one.) and 2) the interview took place at Disneyland, which is my favorite place to be, therefore securing a slew of quotable nuggets from yours truly. I'm fairly certain there were a couple of instances where I saw Brett's thumb creeping toward the "stop" button on his tape recorder while I prattled on about "culture" and "pop" and "pop culture," but his politeness as the interviewer got the better of him. Thanks for your patience, B.

Click here to read the article (which brilliantly penned by Mr. McCracken, whose name I think I've exhaustively plumbed for differing iterations, save for any references to B-Mac or Mackie, but I promise I'll never go there. Ever). And click here to read Brett's totally cool and awesome and insightful blog.