Weekend Recap: Spring Showers bring June Weddings. Not June Gloom, As Some Might Have (Wrongly) Assumed. Just An FYI, Obviously, Because I Care. / by LD

This weekend I and a few of the other bridesmaids (I'm about to use a sports analogy, please brace yourselves: Seriously, there's like, an entire football team of bridesmaids. WASN'T THAT FUN? The ESPN Zone is here, people. It's here.) went up to Santa Maria for the second of Jess's three bridal showers. There were two parties, and the first was an afternoon tea thrown by Jess's Aunt Kathy. 

Fearing that we were a bit more like bedraggled urban urchins than spiffed up society ladies, we affected the personalities befitting any classy (albeit WASPy) lady and drank our tea with our pinkies resolutely raised toward the heavens. The specifics are a bit too inside-jokey to get into here - as in, I'd try to explain it humorously, but I'd lose 99% of you halfway through, leaving one sole reader scratching his or her head in bewilderment before asking, "Why didn't you just say you had a good time at the tea party and leave it at that?"

We had a good time at the tea party. 

Also, I think I probably visited the food table 6 times, a fact that I'm almost ashamed of but not too ashamed to share it with you, Internet. Just don't tell anyone else. 

Jess regales her guests with the "How We Met" story. They are appropriately enthralled.

Seriously, enthralled.

Oh, hey cucumber sandwiches. Haven't seen you around here very mu--[stuffs all cucumber sandwiches into mouth at once]

The second party was comprised of still more food (lil' smokies this time! BE STILL MY HEART!) and enough rum and Coke to sink a ship. 

Okay, I was the vessel appropriately sunk. Shameful admission #2, Internet. Don't judge me. Plus, I had to transition from sports analogies to mariner analogies because, frankly, I just couldn't think of any more. Enough rum and Coke to tackle the offensive, um, lineup of players...?

We had a good time at the tea party.

The end. 

We made Wii Mii's. Here are Tyler and Jess.

Posey, Jodes, Laurel, and Ash

I look just like my Mii! See the annoyed expression? It's a deadringer!