Well NOW You've Gone And Done It, Coldplay / by LD

I don't believe this sentiment was publicly circulated last summer around the time Coldplay's Viva la Vida dropped, but I was resolutely meh about the whole thing. The reasons were many, and honestly, I hardly even remember what they were (probably some amalgamation of "You're just too big for your britches, Mr. Martin" and "'Those who are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head' do not qualify as coherent lyrics, dude,"). The point is, Tyler prodded me a few times to give the album a chance and so I finally - begrudgingly - did, finding a few gems amongst the drivel.

Martin & Crew basically dropped off the radar shortly thereafter (I seem to remember being sucked into a massive black hole called "Fleet Foxes"), and I haven't thought of them since.

Until, that is, the other day, when "Lost!" was playing somewhere in the distance, and I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for the summertime. I'm talking a bish-slap in the face: warm weather, windows down, swilling beer and swimming and wearing sunglasses. A summertime slap. And then it dawned on me: Despite my lukewarm feelings toward Viva la Vida, the album had managed to worm its way into my subconscious as the album of Summer 2008. "Strawberry Swing" is to last summer as AC's "Summertime Clothes" will very likely be to Summer 2009, and I truly can't fault Coldplay for that. Because when I hear that album now, instead of feeling meh about the whole affair, I only feel excitement and anticipation for what this coming summer holds.


You win this round, Coldplay.