Concerning Whether Or Not Cesar Is A Hipster: An iChat Between Byron and Myself / by LD

B: I'm arguing right now with Cesar on how much of a hipster he is.

L: He ain't a hipster at ALL. What's your position?

B: Well, he has an iPhone, he likes spending money on nice looking things, and he went to the Troubadour with us.

L: That ONE time, for Electrelane of ALL bands.

B: What? You don't want him pegged with you? Don't worry. You're a Christian hippie hipster, that's different.

L: I'm not worried about Cesar being pegged with me. but I'm just saying. He's not a hipster. First of all, he lives in Alhambra. secondly, he works at Playboy. Lastly, he wears glasses without a heavy black frame. Ergo: NOT a hipster.

B: He's in hipster denial. Don't try to kick him out of your hipster club, Laurel.

L: I'm just saying, we aren't in the same club, is all.

B: You out of all people should know that hipster is a big umbrella. Or do you need to read your friend's hipster dictionary after he publishes it?

L: Actually he sent me Ch. 3 for perusal, wherein he dissects and classifies hipsters. It's quite controversial. I'll see if Cesar fits into the categorization, but I HIGHLY doubt that "Stingy Guatemalan with a dangling muffler and a penchant for fruity cocktails" is a sub-category of hipsterdom.

B: I'm just saying. Hipster in denial. Latent hipster, even. It's in him - hipster tendencies.

So I open the polls to you, faithful readers. Weigh in in the comments section. Cesar = Hipster, yay or nay?