Cruise Journal #1 / by LD

Overheard, 3rd deck, midship.

An art auction is taking place in the atrium, a Brit with a stiff upper lip is quaffing champagne and describing the relevance and cultural merits of 21st Century Impressionism. She auctions off a painting of a boat, or of a ferris wheel - it's unclear from my vantage point but the florid strokes indicate a merry scene, nonetheless.

In her clipped accent she asks the audience, "What is the highest selling American artist of all time?" Her vowels pinched, her consonants ringing, rephrasing the question and waiting for the correct answer.

There is a pause. A murmur from the audience.

Her accent, thin and abrupt: "No, the answer is not Thomas Kinkade."

Contempt on the breath of the auctioneer, her accent perturbed and insulted: "The correct answer is Pollock. Jackson Pollock. Next item, please!"