Weekend Recap: Hey, I Like Your Freckles / by LD

Posts like this remind me of a time in the not-so-distant past when I had long weekends every other weekend, and I regularly basked in the glory of having one extra day to play or do nothing or brag about how I had that one extra day and you, sucker, you did not, and that meant I won at life basically, even though I'm totally corporate and might as well make out with a Corporate Express catalogue and get it over with. Ballpoint pens, get over here, you sexy beast(s). But now due to conditions outside of my control - ahem, the economy, the powers that be, and a whole lot of other entities I neither respect nor admire - I'm back to a typical 9 - 5 schedule, which means I might as well just go steady with a Talbots catalogue now and get it over with. Mmm, pantsuits, get into my life, you minx(es).

I've reverted back to squeezing every last ounce out of the long weekends I do have, few and far between though they may be, and this Memorial Day was no exception. I kicked things off with a bang on Friday, retiring from The Man early and enjoying a completely mediocre lunch at the new divey Chinese place by my house (Shillelagh, WHY were you closed?) with Ash, Josh, and Jess. A word to the wise: Steamed pork buns are NOT all equal, and don't for one second fool yourself into thinking that just because a menu at a Chinese food place offers them, the result will be the steamed doughy goodness usually found at Dim Sum. The result was not desirous. Later I meandered up to L.A. to meet Jen, Byron, & Alex for hipster Pho and drinks at The Association downtown later with more old friends and ex-coworkers. And thus the weekend began with a bang and with drinks.

Saturday, I experienced the 7th Annual Scottish Festival at the O.C. Fairgrounds with the Millar family and a few others. A few notes about that: 1) "Scotland the Brave" never gets old. It just doesn't. 2) I don't think I've ever seen so many utilikilts in one place in my life. Tradish kilts I get. But khaki utilikilts? I thought cargo shorts were bad, but...wow. 3) Also, NO idea there were so many iterations of Macs in the Scottish sphere of the world. MacDougal, MacIntire, MacDonegy, MacKenzie, MacDuff, MacFarlane, MacInnes, MacIver, MacLellan...my Irish-Scando-Italian lineage felt extremely self-conscious, especially when someone criticized my newly-acquired vacation tan and I found myself APOLOGIZING for it. "Um, no I swear, I'm totally Gaelic. You should see me in January, man, I'm like one stop short of corpseville."

Also, to wit, tried archery for the first time at said festival and hit TWO bullseyes. I'm feeling fairly certain I was made for other (Medieval) times. Renaissance Faire, here I come! Somebody get this girl a velvet bodice!

Sushi, Settlers of Catan, and slumber party times ensued with a hodgepodge of folks, which brought me bleary-eyed to Sunday. I joined Jen & Byron again up in L.A. for a formal-shorts expedition with Byron, which was entirely successful. We capped the night at another friend's house for a BBQ and some killer sangria.

Oh Monday, we joined Jess and Tyler at their new soon-to-be apartment for a picnic at Penn Park. The weather was glorious, and we basked in the glow of reclaiming Mondays for far better purposes, such as drinking too much wine, soliciting ice cream trucks, and playing in fountains. We capped the evening with mah-ssive beers at Havana House and it was off to bed for this little one.

Another Memorial Day Weekend: Came, saw, conquered. Now I'm biding my time till 4th of July.