Best Week: A Week Of Style With Mr. Mac Feller / by LD

As the most loyal of readers are aware, I spend a good amount of time on this blog talking about fashion with a capital F. Granted, Blinking Against The Brightness is not a Fashion Blog, capitals F and B. I want the freedom to be able to discuss other matters on here such as music, photography, rants, melon, and cockroaches - among many other worthy topics. All important, you understand.

But, try as I might, I can't only discuss politics or rant about fruit because fashion, to me, is undeniable. And who am I to deny a topic so diverse and loaded with exciting possibility? Far be it!

So I've decided to introduce a new feature to the blog, one that will undoubtedly develop as time goes on. It comes as an unintentional (but nevertheless apropos) third part in my trilogy on guy style (see parts one and two). On occasion, I'd like to feature a friend or acquaintance whose style I feel surpasses being merely good and has rocketed into the outer orbits of fantastic. My first subject is a certain Mac Feller, a coworker of mine at QS. Despite working in an environment that accepts bare feet and boardshorts - in utter defiance of the venerable "business casual"- Mac nevertheless turns it out every single day, proving that good style has very little to do with your surroundings. I thought Mac would be a worthy candidate whose personal style is a perfect example of how looking good doesn't require following every harebrained trend or investing countless dollers or time in perfecting a "look."

Since we've been shooting his division this month, I snapped an image of Mac's sartorial choices every day this week and have compiled those images as well as a short interview here for your stylish education.


1. Do you have any favorite brands / places to shop?
Carolina Herrera – always classic, good quality. Campo Marzio, Rome – for woven shirts. Davide Cenci, Rome – for suits and coats. Hackett in London. All this sounds extremely snobby, but I lived there and travelled to Italy often, so I bought nice clothes there. Even today, I buy very little here, besides Carolina Herrera and J. Crew. Otherwise, I wait for my next trip, then get new clothes. I have clothes I still wear weekly that I have owned now for close to ten years, and I still love them.
2. So who is really responsible for your dashing wardrobe? If you had to assign a percentage to it, how much of it is Mac Feller and how much of it is Mrs. Mac Feller?
Mrs. Mac Feller has the eye, but I have learned from her. I am somewhat colour-blind, so she helps me quite a bit. I could wish I had half her style sense.
3. Name one thing you wish more men would wear.
Clothes that fit properly.
4. Compare/Contrast: Mac Feller’s style today and Mac Feller’s style ten years ago.
I used to do a lot of shopping at thrift stores. I had an eclectic look of poorly fitted clothes. I still liked the classics, 50s and 60s looks, so I haven’t strayed far from classics. After having lived overseas, I just wanted to look classic Italian or English. I am a wannabe.
5. Any style advice for the fellas out there?
Timeless looks never go out of style. But, don’t listen to me, as I sound like an enormously pompous fool.