e-Shop Around The Corner: Bona Drag / by LD

Erica Weiner hummingbird skull necklace

I've always been a fan of the e-comm shop Bona Drag. I once emailed them about a pair of knee-high gladiators that, sadly, I didn't end up purchasing - but the girl I spoke with over email was so kind and so helpful, that I've always held a special fondness in my heart for Bona Drag.

Now that fondness has transitioned into rabid fan-dom as I perused the latest additions to the site. These accessories are beyond fantastic. I'm completely in love with the cast hummingbird skull necklace. Incredible!

Browse (and buy!) for yourself at Bona Drag.

Miss KK peacock feather necklace

Pamela Love talon cuff

Pamela Love birdskull necklace

Miss KK grey feather necklace

Mr. Zipalot bag by Deadly Ponies

Studded ballet slippers