Family Portrait: Take Two / by LD

Last year's attempt.

Last summer when my parents were visiting, we attempted to take a family portrait. "Attempt" is the operative word here as we ultimately failed. Sure, we took portraits, and sure, we are a family, but I'm fairly certain the whole point of a family portrait is to stand together stoically and smile (or some semblance thereof). This is a feat at which we routinely fail because it's enough to get us all to congregate in one area but I'm sorry, it is asking FAR TOO MUCH for us to stand still and smile.

My friend Adam was the latest to try and capture that wonderful Dailey Spirit at Jess and Tyler's wedding. As you can see, the only thing we successfully captured was the four of us (minus Jamie, who is home in Oregon) standing semi-still. But a smile? Sir, you're going to have to pay top dollar to see that anytime soon.

We are family. 2009.