Farewell, Jiggly Puff / by LD

Over the weekend, we collectively bid adieu to one of Westwood's finest (and considering that it's Westwood, there really are only a handful of people who even make the cut, but to be amongst the finest is a feat unto itself): Graham Hallen.

Graham joined Charlie as his roommate in August last year and proceeded to terrorize our lives during the intervening months. If you never got the chance to meet the guy, you missed out. But here's a quick rundown:
Things Graham Likes
English breakfast
Jiggly Puff
Playing Settlers of Catan
Dollar taco coups
Long Beach
Holé Molé
Climbing (he really loves climbing)

Things Graham Doesn't Like
Not eating breakfast
Singing the Jiggly Puff song in front of people
Playing Settlers of Catan with Charlie
Getting his dollar taco coups swiped
Being called a Midwesterner
Reading my blog, unless there's a post about him

So that's our ginger in a nutshell. He's returning to the welcoming womb of the midwest to pursue his Master's, so it was with tearful goodbye's that we released him from the loving bosom of the Pacific.

Graham, you will be missed.