New Orleans' Best Cocktails with Chris McMillian / by LD

Someday it's very likely that I'll go to bartending school, just to learn about mixology. Those who know me (even a little bit) know that while I'm not much for cooking or baking, when it comes to alcohol, I'm an apt pupil. Even this weekend I have a new recipe I want to try (Ramos gin fizz), and a growing list of items to get at BevMo on my way home from work.

Until I become professionally schooled in all things alcohol-related, there's always the good ol' trusty Internet, ready and willing to impart all kinds of knowledge about drink making. I discovered this series of videos today while poking around, and I can't stop watching. Chris McMillian has been a bartender in New Orleans longer than I've been drinking, and quite possibly longer than I've been alive. At's blog, he shares 20 video recipes of some of mixology's most classic beverages, including the Ramos fizz and one of my new favorites, the French 75.

Here he schools us non-southerners on one of New Orleans' most famous drinks: The Mint Julep.