The Wedding To End All Weddings: Pt. 2 / by LD

My dear friend Adam has finally put up a slideshow of Tyler and Jessica's nuptials, and the results are, as predicted, fantastic.

I suggest watching the popout version of the slideshow so you can see it a bit bigger than it is here on this page (if you watch it here, it will be cropped, which is a shame. So pop it out or pop on over to Adam's site). Or you can head on over to Loose Luggage and see it there.

Upon seeing the images, Byron's only comment was, " guys leave me speechless. I can't come up with the word that would describe you, it's like I'm watching an Animal Collective music video."

Quite apropos, I say.

Tyler & Jess get hitched from Adam Sjoberg on Vimeo.