The Wedding To End All Weddings: Pt. 3 / by LD

This post will be showcasing the incredible talents of two of the ladies in my life - Jessica Nelson and my sister Jody. Each had a unique role in creating the various 'looks' of the wedding. Jess designed and created necklaces for each of the bridesmaids (more on that later) and Jody made all the dresses.

I'll go into more detail later about each bridesmaid and their look for the day, but for now, here's mine. Jess (whose look was based on a dove) chose birds for all her bridesmaids based on their ornithological meanings. My bird was, appropriately, a hummingbird, which means joy. Jess then took sketches from Tyler's Moleskine and had them laser cut on wood. She took these pieces and created original necklaces for each bridesmaid, to pair with the dresses that Jody designed based on the colors of each bird. I thought it only fitting to add a delightfully off-kilter flower headdress to the look.

The necklace - a harness-type chain vest.

Photos by Adam Sjoberg (pictured, bottom L)

We were also given wooden fans and red weather balloons to carry down the aisle.

Photo by Emily Weiss