Ann D, Are You Okay? / by LD

Believe it or not, that veiled Michael Jackson reference actually has nothing to do with the dearly departed King of Pop. Rather, it has to do with my joyful discovery that the much-coveted Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots that I've been eyeing all year finally have a suitable knock-off in the form of Free People's corset heels. 

Here's the real deal: 

(Second image courtesy of Sea of Shoes)

And here's Free People's less pricey version:

Though they lost an inch in the heel and are made of sueded leather instead of Ann's smoother versions, I think they're a pretty good match. Here's hoping they go on sale at some point because my new budget negates me lusting after ANY shoes, least of all these beauts. 

Anyone have any Free People gift cards they're looking to get rid of?