Weekend Recap: Cheap Wine, Self Portraits, & Vegetables / by LD

On Saturday afternoon Ashley and I found ourselves in a secret garden of sorts - a section of the playground at the elementary school where her mother is a teacher, caged off and bursting at the seams with plant life. Each grade had a box and within that box they crammed the dirt with veggies and wildflowers, and with school out for the summer, no one was around to harvest the bounties of this schoolyard garden. 

Enter: Ashley and Laurel!

In short, we cleaned up: Carrots, lettuce, sunflowers, squash, strawberries, onions, basil, dill, parsley, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, cucumber - on and on and on. It made for the perfect mid-summer dinner with friends.

Actually, a note on that before I continue - 

Dear Face,

Why so sweaty? Seriously, what is the deal? Every time I so much as lift a finger or God forbid, blink, I'm suddenly covered in a fine mist. I know it's late July and the temperature even in Long Beach is ever-climbing, but we have GOT to be a united front here, Face. You're sort of the billboard to the soul, and what you're advertising is that my soul is damp. And its pores are clogged.

So let's compromise, F. You stop sweating so much, and I won't loathe the very sight of you. Deal?



Anyway, later in the evening we had our second Cheap Wine & Self Portrait night, the results of which were hung on our 'Family Tree.'

All in all, a good weekend. Despite all the sweat.