Welcome To My Home (Office) / by LD

I know the blogging's been nil the past couple of days, and those who know me know full well the reasons why. Those who are casual readers of this blog or who haven't heard the news yet, I'll be cryptically clear: I'm out on my own now. The epic bromance between my former employer and I has ended, amicably (but who broke up with whom, isn't THAT the question we're all wondering!). 

It's day three of being a free woman, and all I have to say about the whole debacle is: I feel fantastic. This new schedule is certainly agreeing with me, and as I sat on the front porch tuesday night with Jeff, sipping a Jameson 12 Year Reserve, I thought, "You know what? Why didn't I do this sooner? What was I waiting for? The time for living is NOW!" (And also, "My, this tastes like brown sugar and maple syrup and it's so burn-y and warm. I LOVE LIFE!")

(And also, "Slooooow down, Dailey.")

But that's neither here nor there. 

I'm taking the rest of the week to give myself a break for once and to truly contemplate what life is going to look like now (I'll give you a hint: A lot more frugal. But with more posts about shoes.), but idleness for me isn't really all that still, so there's nevertheless been movement in The Plan, and one of the first things I'd like to introduce you to is my new work situation and my new office. 

This is my office, with a corner view and LOVELY double French doors that open into the Client Meeting Area.

You'll see here that I have goals. Important ones. 

...As well as up-to-the-nanosecond new technoglogies.

The Client Meeting Area communicates just how Important and Boss-ish I am.

Sigh, my inbox is FULL of stuff I need to get done. Again, I sigh. 

When I need a break, instead of stepping out for a cigarette, I stay in for a Sonatina. 
And a hilarious joke. Which also communicates how Important I am as 
CEO of The Laurel Dailey Professional Group.

More of the Client Meeting Area. Laurel will be right with you.

Reading material...

...times like, five thousand. 

Inspiration box

So as you can see, things are happening over here at Laurel Dailey Enterprises. I'll fill you all in more as The Plan develops (give me a couple weeks), but suffice it to say: Expect great things. 

Whew, I'm exhausted. Time for a trip to the Employee Break Room (i.e. Holé Molé)