A Cinematic TRIUMPH. / by LD

Josh McB has been staying with us for the past few days between stints at Camp Hammer in the Santa Cruz mountains. For the first time since college, I actually have the free time to hang out with him while he's here. One afternoon last week we were both on the verge of boredom when I suggested we make a movie. And Josh, being Josh, immediately accepted the proposition and 36 hours later, we were done.

The film debuted at Beatnik on Saturday to rave reviews. I tried to get Brett to write a review for us, but all he came up with was a backhanded "I suppose a story-teller lurks in there somewhere." (Not an exact quote, but it was something equally snotty and dismissive. THANKS A LOT, Brett. I tried to get him to buy me a taco for the transgression but Holé Molé was closed. NEXT TIME, BRETT. NEXT TIME.)

So without further ado, here is our film:

The Insurmountable Sadness of the Shy Shapeshifter when Confronted with the Beguiling Bounty of the Bird Bitch Idol!

By Josh and Laurel