Inspired by...Gypset Style / by LD

A treehouse in Kenya, courtesy of Gypset Style

Aye me, sad hours seem long...

I think it's the languishing summer heat, the late afternoon, and the fact that I'm listening to Bibio that caused such languorous fussing, because I'm actually in a great mood. But it seemed like the right thing to say at the moment, so it stays - much like the heat that eddies in little pockets in my room after 3pm. The misplaced whining could also be due to my embarrassing lack of Diet Coke today, but I'd never admit it. (Not ever.)

While browsing my dailies (daily blogs on the Goog Reader, natch), I came across this book by Julia Chapman called "Gypset Style:" An amalgamation of gypsies and jet-setters - luxe fauxhemians and their wanderlust-y counterparts. The photography has me transfixed by its depiction of exotic enclaves inhabited by beautiful nomads and vagabonds (and the Poorgeoisie my friend Brett speaks of over at The Search).  

In fact, it inspired me to take a look at my own shelter with a pair of fresh eyes. I've always been drawn to the freewheeling gypsy style - less so for its Sal-Paradise-was-here lifestyle implications and more for the vibrant colors, lush fabrics, and overall erstwhile-bohemian aesthetic. 

And just for fun, here's a playlist off the top of my head suitable for luxuriating in ones' own fauxhemian gypsy den: 

1. Black Fiction - "Magic Hands"
2. Kevin Drew - "When It Begins"
3. Woods - "Echo Lake"
4. Forest Fire - "Fortune Teller"
5. Bibio - "Ambivalence Avenue"
6. Akron/Family - "There's So Many Colors"
7. J Tillman - "Steel On Steel"
8. T.Rex - "Mambo Sun"
9. Golden Boots - "Country Bat High II"
10. Beach House - "Gila"