Sometimes I Make Pathetic Attempts At Cooking / by LD

...Which usually are a success in some way or another (chocolate-beer chili with sweet bleu cheese buttered honey corn bread and bourbon pecan pie come to mind), but it doesn't change the fact that these attempts come so few and far between that they could be considered annual attempts, or even every-other, the sort of occurrence that usually coincides with some sort of meteor shower or El Niño or any other event that happens rarely (like me losing an argument). SNAP.

Anyway, I was inspired lately by two recipes that I'd caught from a couple of oddball sources, and thus bolstered by the helpful knowledge of the BRILLIANT Jessica Kemp, I (and she) attempted such recipes at the BBQ on Saturday. 

The first are the peaches: halved, glazed with honey and grilled till slightly caramelized, then stuffed with bleu cheese and hand-candied pecans (that was ABSOLUTELY Jessica and not at all Laurel masterminding that one), then glazed with a Jameson 12 yr. Reserve whiskey (absolutely Laurel at the helm then. Definitely steering that ship, yes). 

The second is the salmon: stuffed with green apples and bacon, covered in a brown sugar rub and baked over a cedar plank, then glazed with a mandarin-peach-rum sauce. Amazing. 

So stay tuned. In another couple of years, I'll undoubtedly come up with something else brilliant and you'll definitely want to be tasting that.

I'm going make some fella such a good wife one day (provided that he's okay with only eating once every other year and subsisting on G&T's during the intervening months, that is). 

The peaches

WASP Gumbo